About Us

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Cedar Creek Organics takes pride in all of our products and here are some examples
of our guiding principles.


Rooted in nature

At Cedar Creek Organics, we are committed to offering all-natural garden and bath & body products that are environmentally safe AND effective. All our products are based on the age-old tradition of harnessing the power of essential oils and soaps. We continue to build on that tradition to meet the needs of our customers. Our strong interest in recycling and upcycling means we’re always searching for new ways to innovate.  We pride ourselves on using reusable packaging for as many of our products as possible.


There is a “why” behind everything we do. Thought goes into each of our choices, because we believe our daily decisions really do matter. Each product in our current lineup serves a specific purpose, based on our customers’ needs. We choose to keep our ingredient line simple so we can stay close to nature and focus on quality. We choose not to cut corners so our products are effective, yet safe. We choose to do our best, because we know our loyal customers are counting on us.


Like you, we’re always working hard and we’re motivated to get results. We like how it feels when hard work pays off! When you use our animal repellents and insect repellents, we want you to forget about frustrating pests…just sit back and enjoy the results of your gardening efforts and backyard activities. When you indulge yourself with our essential oil based bath & body soaps and lotions, we want you to remember how good it feels to pamper your body.

A woman-owned family company

Cedar Creek Organics was founded in 1999 as a woman-owned, family-run company with the objective of creating all-natural products that are safe and effective for families and the environment. Led by a businesswoman who’s also a mom, we have a vested interest in creating the safest possible formulas that won’t harm families or pets. Our simple yet powerful formulas use a blend of the purest essential oils and other natural ingredients. All our products are handcrafted in Cedarburg, WI.

Cedar Creek Organics, Inc

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