Deer Repellent

Oh, deer! Keep deer away from your plants, safely and naturally with no pesticides.

Plant Saver Deer Repellent and Rabbit repellent is a natural deer stopper, repelling deer from plants, bushes, trees and gardens. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use around pets, children and plants. The non-offensive odor deters the deer and rabbits but won’t offend human noses. Designed to not wash off in the rain, each application will last up to six months. Tested and recommended by The National Home Gardening Club Of America.

Deer Repellent, Animal repellentsBenefits:

  • Keeps deer away from your favorite plants.  Also works for rabbits, mice, elk, opossum and moose.
  • Odor is non-offensive to humans
  • Safe to use on all shrubs and flowers and leaves no residue on plants
  • Pesticide-free and environmentally friendly animal repellent
  • Doesn’t wash off in the rain or snow
  • Each application lasts up to 6 months in average conditions
  • Includes 10 small muslin bags (more bags are available for purchase–order more here)

Directions For Use:

Fill each small Plant Saver bag with up to 2 Tbsp of Plant Saver Deer & Rabbit Repellent and tie the bag shut. Hang the filled Plant Saver bags on a plant, stake or fence every 4-6 feet around the entire perimeter of the area you are protecting. Plant Saver deters by smell, so place bags at the height of the animal you want to repel.

For increased effectiveness, move bags closer together and/or sprinkle the product on the ground around the area you want to protect. Under normal weather conditions, reapply every 6 months when using Plant Saver bags. If applied directly onto ground, reapply every 2 months depending on weather conditions. For additional application tips, please visit our website at

 Additional muslin bags can be ordered here

Common sense warning – Please keep Plant Saver away from children. Avoid breathing the dust of this product. May cause skin or eye irritation. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after filling the bags. If Plant Saver is swallowed or gets into your eyes, consult with a doctor.


  • Active Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 19%, Cloves 6% Inert Ingredients: Meat Meal and Bone Meal
  • Cedar Creek Organics represents that Plant Saver Deer Repellent is exempt from federal EPA pesticide registration due to the actiSEAL OF APPROVALve ingredients being exempt under section 25b as a Minimum Risk Pesticide. The inert ingredients fall under the category Inert Ingredients Ordered by CAS Number – List 4A as having a minimal risk to the environment.

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