Plant Saver Deer

Are other animals attracted to Cedar Creek Organics Plant Saver Deer & Rabbit Repellent?

Yes, some animals such as dogs, fox and cattle are attracted to the smell of Plant Saver Deer & Rabbit Repellent.  If this is true for your pet you may want to consider sprinkling the product rather than using the muslin bags.  If you choose to use the muslin bags some ways to keep those animals away are to roll the bags in black pepper, not allow the bags to lay on the ground or hang them.  While the ingredients are all natural and the product should not harm animals if ingested you should still consult a medical professional if the product is ingested.

What happens if my dog eats Cedar Creek Organics Plant Saver Deer & Rabbit Repellent?

Being that the ingredients are all natural this product should not harm animals even if ingested, however, if a dog or human ingests the product please contact a medical professional with the package information and how much you think your dog ate.  The muslin bags are not digestible so please try to keep your pets away from the bags.

How far off the ground do I place the bags?

The product works by scent, so keep the bags at the level of the animal you want to repel.  For rabbits keep the bags about a foot off the ground, for deer between three and four feet. If you want extra protection or are trying to repel multiple types of animals, you can hang bags but also sprinkle some of the product directly on the ground around the plants.

Deer and rabbits are still getting in my garden – what do I do?

If the season is particularly hard on animals they will do their best to find food.  First, make sure your Plant Saver Deer & Rabbit Repellent bags are placed close enough together and around the entire perimeter of the garden.  Remember, if they can’t smell it, it won’t work.

With repelling smaller animals you want to keep the bags closer together, maximum four feet.  Also, keep them low, around one foot off the ground.

When repelling deer you can place them up to six feet apart and between three and four feet off the ground.

Second, if they are still getting through with correct placement you can move the bags closer together, and sprinkle the Plant Saver Deer & Rabbit Repellent on the ground around the area you are protecting.

How long does it last in the package?

Cedar Creek Organics animal repellents last up to two years in the package when kept cool, dry and sealed.  The Insect Repellent Spray, Insect Repellent Cream and Poison Ivy Soap last up to one year kept cool, and dry.

Why don’t the packages contain more bags?

We have found that many people like reusing the bags to cut down on waste.  They are based on a six foot distance around the garden. Also, many of our customers use the product as a ground cover rather than hanging it around the garden.  We also sell Plant Saver Replacement Bags if needed.

How much does each size cover?

  • 28oz bag – includes 10 bags and covers approximately 2500 sq ft
  • 4lb pail – includes 20 bags and covers approximately 5000 sq ft
  • 10 lb pail – includes 50 bags and covers approximately 12500 sq ft
  • 25lb pail – includes 100 bags and covers approximately 31000 sq ft
  • 25lb pail – includes no bags and covers approximately 31000 sq ft


Insect Repellent

How often should I reapply?

You can reapply as often as you would like because there are no harsh ingredients.  For maximum effectiveness, reapply every two to three hours.  The essential oils are what keeps the bugs away and eventually are absorbed into the skin.

Can I use both the Insect Repellent Oil and Insect Repellent Cream at the same time?

It is great to layer our two products and the best way would be to alternate them.  They will both moisturize the skin and keep bugs away with the essential oil base.